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Default Re: Fiberglass Gas Tanks

Originally Posted by customshop05 View Post
I appreciate the comments however I know from personal experience bodyfiller and epoxy resins do not like to stick together for the long term... never looked into why but the surface was properly preped when i put the filler on and about a month of use the spots of filler began to flake off, Never had that issue with fiberglass, the t-shirt for the some of the tight corners is a great idea i might give that a try in the slot and see how she goes, as far as the saran wrap/ wax paper organic solvents that will melt the form out of the inside of the tank so I can pour it out in solution will not melt the the paper or plastic which would leave me with a heck of a mess! Any other Ideas would be awesome. keep em commin!
Just thinking aloud again...

What if you used wax paper/saran wrap/etc to protect your styrofoam during the fiberglassing, and then after it's cured and you've melted the styrofoam out, you could cut your tank in half. Then it would be easy to extract the wax paper/saran wrap, and you'd also be able to fully visualize your tank sealant coating all the interior surfaces.

When this is done, you could just fiberglass the two halves back together? And then slosh a little more tank sealant around in there to make sure the gap is coated on the inside?
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