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Default Re: Hello MB!! New rider from Tucson

Wow. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
Tcams, Thanks for that info. Didnt know we had a shop locally.
City, I have the regualr bike with the trike kit added on. It is great beside the turning, have to lean in n go slow lol.
Been having a great time riding it to work n home the last few days. But i was pulled over today on my way back. The cop was a real cool guy, He was asking why i didnt have any lights or tail lights n all. He did ask for the proof of ownership and i told him i havent gotten it from the bike shop yet. He let that slide. But also proceed to leacture me about needing to get a moped lic with plates. I was only doing 14 mph and pedaling away. I might have to look into get a lic for it cuz i really don't feel like getting harrsed.I only gotten this bike to help me get to work n home since i don't always want to walk heh. How do i go about getting the paperwork/ title for this? I am also hearing they will take the bike if i cant prove ownership and they wont take the paperwork to get it back? I already scared they will take my bike next time, i paid good money for it.
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