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Default Re: First Run Wheel adjustment, Kings 80cc

Well it's worth discussing, I just took it for a spin, it seems to run better going faster, with the throttle more open, slow seems rough,
I did move the idle adjust screw a little to smooth out throttling down, and that seemed to help a little, I now also see where it is recommended not to exceed 15 mph during break in for the first 50 miles.

I don't have a tach and the recommendation is 1400 rpm's +-100

I know that the exhaust muffler was pretty hot, but that would seem normal.

But as far as oil type is concerned there seems to be a lot of controversy, and I'm looking at a summary on the subject, and it seems to me that the marine grade is for hot and heavy while this
formula covers specifics for TC-W3 certified oils, this I don't know about ?

I do know that King's recommends a 2 cycle synthetic and that is what this is, however yes it is the marine brand.

But like I'm saying the marine brand is for the wide open seado and the boat that stays powered for a good run and then quits and starts and stops for fishing or continuous abuse such as water sking

but still there is a difference in cooling tech here but the temp thing is what is on the inside of the engine not the air or water cooling !

I'm not arguing the point I am just hoping I am not about to do this engine any damage.
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