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Default Re: Fiberglass Gas Tanks

Originally Posted by customshop05 View Post
I appreciate the comments however I know from personal experience bodyfiller and epoxy resins do not like to stick together for the long term... never looked into why but the surface was properly preped when i put the filler on and about a month of use the spots of filler began to flake off, Never had that issue with fiberglass, the t-shirt for the some of the tight corners is a great idea i might give that a try in the slot and see how she goes, as far as the saran wrap/ wax paper organic solvents that will melt the form out of the inside of the tank so I can pour it out in solution will not melt the the paper or plastic which would leave me with a heck of a mess! Any other Ideas would be awesome. keep em commin!
Yeah, if your making some sort of container, wrapping the form in anything is a problem. I was just posting some info in case someone might not have used fiberglass much and didn't know.
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