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Default Re: Tin can headlight revisited

...back to the lowly tin can. Having worked with these intimately in the fabrication of gas tanks and now lights I have come to appreciate how clever and perfect tin cans are. They do what they do very well. Just because they are common, everyday things we throw away doesn't mean they have no worth. They way I look at it they are ready made, inexpensive metal cylinders which come in different standardized sizes. Because they were designed to store food doesn't mean they can't do other things as well. So that is my ode to the tin can.
On with the light show. As may be seen in the photos the two sections are joined together with four small sheet metal screws through holes made with the punch. The "hood" or front section has a little lens which is held in place with contact cement and goes between the two can sections. It is from a dead flashlight. Since I've been finishing off juice can gas tanks with harness leather and still have some from the same hide (from when I made horse tack for my Indian ponies back when), I had to try covering a second light with the same. How come? I don't know. Maybe because I can. I know it's the only tin can headlight finished off in harness leather that I've ever seen. Maybe that's why. I'll probably use it, too, but not on the Elgin.
More later regarding the LED lights, a mounting bracket and a tin can tail light...
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