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Default Cold weather riding observations and two questions.....

First off.....I'm 50 years old and I've been riding bicycles since I've been 4 years old. I live in Central Pa so I end up riding in all four seasons because I enjoy riding so much.Wind, cold, hot, whatever- I ride in it all.

I like it for the exercise and for the views of the beautiful backroads we have here in York County. This is the first year I've had a motorized bicycle and since my arthritis has gotten to the point were it hurts to pedal much more than an's been a godsend for my mental health.

Ain't nothing like hopping on a bike and going for a quick ride to clear out those mental cobwebs:-)

Having said that....riding in 35 degree weather with a motor is totally different then riding in 35 degrees without a motor. Up until last year, riding in the winter meant wearing thin layers of clothing that you could unzip as you warm up....eventually, I'd be riding with all my outer layers packed up in my rack trunk because I didn't really need them.

Riding with a motor however........I darned near froze my butt off this morning.

When you're going 30 mph with a few thin layers and you're not pedaling much.....well, lets just say next time I ride and it's 35 degrees out- I'll be wearing more clothing:-) My face was frozen into a permanent poo eating grin :-)

My questions.....I have a friction drive Mitsubishi TLE 43cc kit. It will go over 30 mph on flat ground-when I go up fairly steep will slow down to about 10 to 15 mph with me doing some moderate pedaling effort. Am I hurting the clutch or anything in the motor by asking it to work so hard? As long as I can buy parts-I'd be totally okay with replacing the clutch every once and awhile-I just don't wanna blow the motor up.

My second question- I have my Kona BikeHotRod for sale in the for sale section of the message board and I am asking 400 bucks for it.

They only made them for 2 years and they are pretty rare.....I originally paid almost 800 bucks for it. I am asking 400 bucks for it-I need some honest opinions (even if they hurt)....what is a reasonable price to ask for it?

My feeling is that 300 bucks is the rock bottom price I would go....I'd rather let it sit in my garage and collect dust then sell it for anything less.

I know it would make a totally way cool ride with a motor stuck in there:-)

Thoughts, opinions?

As usual..thanks for all the cool postings on the site-this place is a real timewaster! I love it!!!!

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