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Default Re: Tin can headlight revisited

Can't do this thread all in one sitting as the sun is shining for a change and things need doing, but I'll post more photos later. A couple comments on the last couple in the prior post....
The corn can gets cut off (sorry for the blurry shot) with a pretty essential tool for crafting work of this kind... a dremel moto tool, or a chinese clone of the same. I don't think a hack saw would work well no matter how careful you are as the can will get bent. But a dremel tool with a cut off wheel (always use the reinforced wheels as they last much longer) makes the job clean and simple. Use eye protection. The resulting short section of the corn can fits inside the oranges can a bit thanks to the reverse flare at the bottom of the corn can. In effect, this is the "hood" and provides a means of mounting the lens and keeping the LED lights inside and protected from the weather. I used a section of vinyl tubing slit along one edge to fit over the sharp edge from the dremel cut.... which makes the sharp edge no danger of drawing blood. It also kind of finishes it off so that it looks more right, to my eye anyway. I used a little bit of contact cement along the inside edge to keep the tubing from going anywhere. In the last picture you can see a bit of larger tubing sticking out the bottom of the can where a hole was punched, a short section of tubing pushed in (make the hole a little small so it is tight) and inside this will be the wires from the lights. The vinyl tubing (fuel line) protects the wiring from upbraiding against the can and shorting out eventually. I also punched two holes along each side of the mandarin can for mounting bolts. Lock nuts keep it tight and secondary nuts will hold the mounting bracket. More later along with more pix.
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