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Default Re: Alternatives to Jim's Sprocket Adapter

Good grief!

I didn't catch this until now.

Here's how the confusion came about.

Terry placed his order with his hub size 1.851". During a follow-up phone call he had told me that it was a Nexus 3-speed...which means nothing to me as I don't have a complete colection of wheel hubs here at the shop. If I did, I wouldn't have to rely on you guys to check things over carefully.

Last week, another customer sent in a Nexus 3-speed to see if it could be done. Upon inspection I found out that the Nexus hub is is not the same diameter all the way across. Due to the step, I said no...yes in fact it can be done, but it's going to be a pain to step the adapter to fit the hub. I had forgotten that Terry had told me his was a Nexus 3-speed.

I'm going to have to do these manually to create an accurate will be time consuming compared to the process I normally use.

Terry I realize you probably didn't notice the step in diameter. If you measure it again, you'll see that the diameter in the middle is different, (larger), than the diameter near the spoke flange. It's not a huge difference visually. As far as measurements might as well be a mile.

I'll do these two; but everyone the future...look at, and measure, your hubs carefully. Look at the photos on my website carefully. The sprocket adapters are made to clamp around the hub and engage fully with the surface. Gaps, steps in diameter,...etc. cause problems. back and we'll get it all straightened out so that you can order an adapter for your Nexus.

Sorry for the confusion guys.

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