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Default Re: JNM Damp-Pro AnyOne used these yet?

Yarp - alla that's tru (cept the heat), and one advantage of that "kit" is ofc not havin' to do anythin' like cutting to fit... mebbe... but in all honesty just about anything ya do would be an improvement - I doubt this (the fancy kit) is any better or worse than any other solution.

I just don't want anything "stuck" to the outside of my engine, as much as I ride - it'd never last.

BTW with the undercoating and the flower nut, that's one advantage of a soft, spray-on coating - coat the inside of the cover as thick as ya like and even if something contacts it, it "wears away" leaving a perfect fit w/o hurting anything, any residue has no effect (doesn't manage to get into the clutch). If yer picky - a lil acetone and a toothbrush will clean up the "smear" on the flower nut.
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