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Default Re: My Frankenstein Project Input Please

Well Energy, I did just what you are asking about. I have not posted about it here because I was going to wait until it was completely done. Note- I would NEVER do all this work if I lived in a gasbike legal state like Cal. Chains are much more reliable than a bunch of electric stuff. A lot more efficient than driving an alternator too.

HF79 + Delco alternator (with a 24 volt regulator from a vendor on e-bay) + stretched mountain bike frame + 450w scooter motor (chain drive via jackshaft) + twin 12v batteries, + controller.........etc.
Bike goes about 15 mph good power. Handles nice and weighs just under 110lbs
New York passed a e-bike bill and needs the gov's signature, so at least e-bikes will be legal here, thus the big effort to do this bike.
I don't want to deal with expensive batteries to get decent range. I don't need to go fast either and want quiet. I like it, will do a post in a while.
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