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Default Re: was a Huntington...

@ 2door: I may swap the top one out for a spring steel bracket before long. As it is, I've put rubber gasket/washers with a small bit of give to them on either side where the top fender bracket bolts to the bottom of the head tube. The fender only moves a miniscule distance when the spring fork flexes, but I'm not taking any chances - it's a secure mount, but with room to move a little. And if I see any cracks at all, that's it - I'll drill 'em out and make some spring steel ones.
@ Mathenyr3: I'll let you know when it's running (which at this rate might be after winter's over, no snow where I took the pic but it is still COLD here and I don't want this first ride to be on ice.) I've ridden my wife's old springer Schwinn, and I have a Glendale with shock forks, and have owned others with shock forks. It may just be that I've had bikes with problematic shocks but they always seem to get sticky and jerky after a time, even if I lube them. Springers seem smoother somehow, but I can't tell if the ride is any softer.

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