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*Update* I know this has been said before... but... U ready? IIIIITTTTT'S ALIIIIVE!!!

A cool guy at advance or rileys... i think advanced auto parts... helped me find parts to fabricate a connection for the wrong sized petcock... pretty simple. 3/8" hose adapter, a few inches of thick tubing, and two hose-clamps. I was skeptical, but when I started putting it all together it fit pretty well. I finished it off by wrapping the hose and clamps in white electric tape for a better look.

Then I got pumped up! Got a small gas tank some zip ties, and some 2 cycle oil... Time to finish my build!

Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep last night when the back tire refused to turn the drive sprocket on the motor.

Convinced I know nothing about engines and effed it up big time, I started calling lawnmower repair guys in panic. Then... Idea...

I remembered seeing a place on craigslist that sells motorized bikes in wisconsin. I left a message for lynn at custom motored earlier today, and she ended up calling me back tonight. She helped me with my clutch problem over the phone, and because of her, (along with everyone else here who has helped me)... Today I had the maiden voyage... YEEE HAW!!! Lol... got the bike dirty, but it was worth it... see pics...

I can now see how people get addicted to these motorized bicycle things!!! LOL
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