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Default Re: I need some input on this Frakenstein bike project

Also- I looked at the green link you posted and they are using the older SI10 Delco and are driving it over one to one ratio, which leads me to think I am right about the efficiency at low speed with that unit being better.
I have been driving the newer (higher powered) Delco one to one and the HF works pretty hard at driving it. With a bigger 4 inch pulley on the HF - it would start, run up and die. I was going nuts for hours, finally took off the belt and the engine ran perfect - the alternator was self exciting and killing the engine with the load. Thus the same size pulley on both the engine and alt. now.
Oh, the vendor on ebay is Tridiode - just punch in Delco 24 v regulator.
NOTE- I would NEVER do any of this if gas power was legal here!

OH- the HF (like all new engines) was very lean, I opened the main jet about three thousandths and it is real nice. Choke can come off right away, instead of a while later.
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