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Default Re: I need some input on this Frakenstein bike project

I did post some stuff about my gas/electric bike on the other forum and thought I would wait to post it here until it was totally done.
Last year I began experiments with a HF79 powering a Ford alternator (directly with NO regulator) and running a 12v battery to power the field circuit - it worked quite well driving a 250 watt scooter motor.
BUT I could not figure out how to charge the battery (off the alternator) with the wildly varying voltage (up to 50 volts). Thus, I decided to make a new In Frame bike, this time using the HF above a Delco alt. with a 24volt reguator installed ( reg. is from a vendor on E-bay) and twin 12 volt batteries, making a real E-bike but with on-board generation.

Why go thru all this effort? Because New York has passed an E-bike bill (yet needs governor's signature) but gas bikes still will be non-legal. The new law says nothing about on-board generation.
I used an old mountain bike and streched the frame to accomidate the engine and stuff. I blew the regulator (had the alt. wired wrong) and am awaiting a new one. Did ride around some before I blew it- the 450w motor gets me up to around 15 mph (fine for me) and the voltage at cruise is 27, it dips down to 23v taking off but rises right up once the load of accelerating is done.
I am going to try an older SI10 Delco that on bench testing gave about one more volt at the (drill motor) test rpm of 2200. This is the old style metal fan unit rather than the 96 amp plastic fan job I have been using. I think the older (bigger diameter) Delco is more efficient at the low speed I am using it at (one to one ratio with the HF.
By the way- the bike weighs just under 110 lbs. but handles nice.
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