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Default Re: New motor is very weak

Are you sure this engine is even running? Does it continue to run after you pedal and disengage the clutch? I've seen new people say the engine runs while they're pedaling but stops after they stop pedaling. That tells me the engine isn't running but what they hear is only intake and exhaust noise, not a running engine. Make sure you have fuel of the right mixture and it is flowing to the carburetor, put the choke lever up or half way up then squeeze the clutch lever. Pedal up to a good speed, release the clutch and twist the throttle a little. If you think the engine has started, squeeze the clutch lever in and lock it, slow down and stop see if the engine continues to run. If not, start by replacing that plug boot. You can buy a good automotive type at the parts store. Wrapping the wire around the top of the plug will not assure a good connection or spark. Get back to us with the results.
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