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Default Re: First Run Wheel adjustment, Kings 80cc

Originally Posted by Wheel Rush View Post
I really haven't found the engine brand, so for now I am calling it a King's 80cc, I know that it is a 70 something cc, but King's sells it as an 80cc, so I'll call it that for now also.

It started up and ran pretty good with the Evinrude Johson,
2 cycle synthetic detergent, TC-W3 certified, oil.

I have noticed that the rear wheel will need some adjustments, When installing I ran into what I thought was a brake problem and fussed around with it a little till I found out the, sprocket bolt nut were hitting the brake arm.

I thought the brake was maladjusted to lock on the brakes,
but I finally got the wheel to spin free and clear.

Now it is a little loose and it appears to be on the pedal sprocket side, as I look at it and lifting the rear wheel off the ground, pushing the top of the tire with one finger on the pedal sprocket side, what I am seeing is about 1/2"- 3/4" wiggly or movement, not knowing precisely where it is originating, . . what will be the best way to track this down and correct it ?

I know this is off subject as far as wheel alignment, but might solve a problem down the road. I have read that you are not supposed to use marine motor oil. Something to do with the fact that they are watercooled, and probably run cooler. You might want to do a search on the forums, and ask more questions...Possily Pablo might be able to answer....
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