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Default Re: Worksman In-Frame Tanks

That's a good observation. Let just say I have learned to be conservative on the fit. This first tank also does not have the rubber cushions between the frame tube and tank in these pictures. These push the tank up and back 1/16" to an 1/8". The CAD program was changed in a couple areas for the next three tanks which I built up this past weekend. I stretched the tank a 1/4" longer and then made it an 1/8" taller at the back end. I also removed some of the flat pattern notching that the CAD program adds. These notches must be filled when welding and that affects finish quality. The next ones are a tighter fit. I may do this subtle massaging one more time, maybe not. I have to account for potential production tolerence variations from Worksmans as well as from me. One last thing to remember is that I have always called the finish "paint grade" which is my little disclaimer. If you want a perfect tank then give it a perfect paint job. The hand finish is very clean but if you over analyze it you will find slight imperfections. That said, I have easily built over a dozen tanks now and I am only aware of two that have been painted. Everybody likes the finish raw. Should I be saving a tank for you?

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