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Default My Frankenstein Project Input Please

Ok so I have been put together around 40 or so Motorized Bikes and I am starting to see a trend that in califorinia for what ever reason CARB decided that the 2cycle engines are no good. So I got into looking at Ebikes and the thing I noticed was, everyone had troubles with finding a good battery to get you far and if you did find one it is expensive. So I came up with a plan

Ok well have you seen those grey hound 2.5 HP engines from harbor freight? well what if you hooked up a car alternator to it and the used the power from that alternator to power a hub motor? would that work? has any body tried this? Califorina laws say that the motor powering the bike can be no bigger then 2HP, but the motor would only act as a power supply for the 500w or 1000w hub motor. Yea Yea Yea I know most of you will say why would you do all that frankenstein stuff with two motors and all but little do most people dont know is that most Trains use this set up to go from A to Z. the have big deisel motors that power electric hubs. Imagine all the cool upsides up electric like no chain and all the good stuff of gas like no battery's!!!!! well give me your input please!!!

here is a picture of the motor alternator setup! scroll down to the bottom

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