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Default Re: electroplating my own parts

I spent a lot of years stripping chrome and nickle from copper and brass when I was in the antique restoration business. That involved a lot of sulphuric and muriatic acid. The buffing didn't do my arms and shoulders any good either.

I had an old Jeep truck with a generator and hooked up the battery cables to the battery and to the piece being stripped. Don't make a spark near the acid. The results are not good. It will mess up an alternator.

Nickle was the prefered finish on cars until they discovered chrome gave them a harder finish that would stand up to wear and tear better. To me nickle has a softer, warmer look to it.

Just sent my chrome parts for the Monark out and the handle bars alone were $100. After that my mind went more numb than usual and my eyes glazed and I just nodded as he gave me the prices.

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