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Default Missing my top piston ring retaining pin!

So I took off my head and cylinder this afternoon for an unrelated reason (winter boredom), and I noticed that my top piston ring can spin freely around the piston. The little pin that ordinarily keeps the ring in place is missing!

I haven't noticed any problems up until now, and the sides of my cylinder aren't scratched up. I wasn't particularly violent when I took the cylinder off the piston, so I don't think that I dislodged it in the process of opening the engine.

So my questions are, is there any chance that my engine has been running this far (~250 miles) without a pin to retain its top piston ring? Do you guys think I can just put everything back the way it was and be okay?

I've looked around, and I can't find any vendor that sells piston ring retaining pins... What should I do?
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