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Default Re: happy mechanic (sorta)

Good message deacon. I agree with you 100%. There are not many things in this world where you can stand back and say; "I did that!" and be proud of it. When I do something with my bike or engine that's the way I feel. I'm flying by the seat of my pants and by asking questions on the forum but in the end it is still me doing the work and making it work. That makes me proud and satisfies me in a way that not too much else does.

We are all that way or we wouldn't be here talking to each other about our victories over the machine. One battle here and another there. We fight each battle until we come out on top. We make it where we control the machine and not the other way around. That's the way it should be. I agree


Originally Posted by deacon View Post
I'm about to wax philosophical so somebody shut me up quick.... Too late here it comes.

My dad used to tell me that a man is never happier than when he works with his hands. He knew it was true but didn't know why. I think over my sixty odd years I have figured at least part of it out.

Most of us work in a world where we do a job, then the next day the job is right there to be done over. Everything from store clerks to accountants suffer from the same thing.

A whole lot of us work but we don't do work. When you change a tire on your bike you get to step back and say, hey by god I did that. When I changed the rings in my bike before it ever ran a mile (thanks to norman) I felt like the smartest guy in town.

When I ride the bike and someone asked, "Did you build that?" It really feels great to say, "I sure did."

These bike don't just get us from a to b, they redefine us. We are all winners because even if this piece of china crap humiliated us for a while, we fought it till we won. How many times in life do you win and know it instantly.

When that engine comes to life and zips off across the parking lot with people watching, I can feel like a winner. I was a photographer for years and raised a family but I never had that instant satisfaction of knowing I beat the crap out of this thing. Yes by George you humiliated me the first few days, but in the end I WON.

What I am trying to say is that you should feel good about every little victory, there are darn few of them in life these days.
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