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Default Need some help and advice......

Hi all, what I'd like to do is get fuel from an upper tank to a lower tank. I have a 2.5 liter tank, fuel line and petcock on order.

Here is a pic of how the bike is now...

I will be mounting to tank to the top tube and would like ideas on how I can get the fuel from the top tank to the lower tank.

I realize I could just run enough fuel line to the rear tank and leave it there until I need fuel-open the rear tank and put line from upper tank in the opening and open the upper tanks petcock until the lower tank is full. Not a very glamorous solution.

Does anyone have a better solution? If I could somehow put some sort of fitting on the lower gas tanks cap...would that work?

I know there are lots of smart guys on this board......I'd be more then happy to hear your ideas or if someone sells something I can buy-point me in the right direction.

Why so much fuel? I am going to be commuting on the bike when it gets warmer and I need enough fuel to go 50 to 60 miles with plenty in reserve in case I do a ride right after work.

Thanks all-George
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