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Default Re: Need guidance with first build!

Originally Posted by customshop05 View Post
the head and jug come off real easy if you believe it is frozen. just 4 nuts on the head. and make sure when you put it back on that you piston rings are lined back up with the slots on the rings and the pins in the piston groove. and while you have it off you might as well take some 400 grit sand paper and smooth the edges of all the ports so you dont have to worry about snagging a ring on the poor casting of these engines. just make sure you wipe it out real good before putting it back on. Also believe 14mm if I remember right is the size of the head nuts. the size of socket needed for the gear is 19mm and be sure to turn clockwise and feed chain from the bottom.
Do not disassemble your engine unless you want to chance voiding your warranty. Most kit suppliers will not take the engine back if you have taken it apart. Many members have had trouble getting a new engine to move at first. Try moving the clutch lever inward as far as you can move it by hand. It takes a lot of force but it can be done. Wrap a rag around the clutch arm and apply a lot of pressure. Often the clutch pads will release by doing this. You will hear a 'thunk' sound when they let go. All new engines are a little tight. Give it a chance and only disassemble it if you can afford to buy a new one if your seller will not take it back.
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