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What type of oil is best or what type to use is best? This will turn into a pissing contest so I'll say I use what I have on hand and I also like to experiment a little so far I've not hurt any of my engines. I kind of lean towards a non syn oil for the first 20 to 30 oz. of fuel at 20 to 1. I then go to 32 to 1 still using non syn oil. I used walmart 2 stroke oil for outboards and I've used 2 stroke oil for air cooled just depended on what I was in the mood for or could afford that day or what happened to be there on the store shelf at the time. If I would have found the store to be out of 2 stroke oil I'd use 30 w engine oil at 32 to 1 I'm not too worried about tearing up one of these engines.
I like the syn oil that Pablo sells cause according to their oil it can be run at 100 to 1 so if you mismeasure it you shouldn't hurt your engine as long as you got it in the ballpark.
Now no oil will make for a sad day if you don't put in any oil. Things will get hot and stick really makes a mess of things, so then you will have to go buy a new engine or a least parts to fix the one you just fried. I know of one kart engine builder who used peanut oil in his alcohol fueled kart and it worked and smelled nice to boot. So use what you want with in reason if its for a 2 stroke you should be good to go.
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