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Default Re: Need guidance with first build!

Originally Posted by D0ppleganger View Post
hmm hitting it with a hammer.. i'm a little hesitant, but even when the clutch lever is installed it doesn't budge... at all. so maybe the plates are sticking... ill go try it.
kinda afraid to booger the engine up though.

I happen to NOT have the appropriate ratchet size :/
but I guess it's hitting it with a hammer, then finding an appropriate ratchet to turn the sprocket?
You won't need to beat it to death, or even enough to damage the pin. What Joe meant was to give it good solid rap. If you're squeamish, use a plastic headed hammer or a block of wood. While you have the clutch actuator cover off, lubricate the moving parts inside it and also the pin that is protruding from the center of the sprocket and the ball bearing that is behind the pin. Often the clutch friction pads are stuck to the pressure plate from the factory and will require a little gentle persuasion to get them to let go. Another option is to 'lever' the sprocket around with a flat bladed screwdriver but you can break the motor case so use cautiuon doing it this way. Let us know how you make out.
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