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Default First Run Wheel adjustment, Kings 80cc

I really haven't found the engine brand, so for now I am calling it a King's 80cc, I know that it is a 70 something cc, but King's sells it as an 80cc, so I'll call it that for now also.

It started up and ran pretty good with the Evinrude Johson,
2 cycle synthetic detergent, TC-W3 certified, oil.

I have noticed that the rear wheel will need some adjustments, When installing I ran into what I thought was a brake problem and fussed around with it a little till I found out the, sprocket bolt nut were hitting the brake arm.

I thought the brake was maladjusted to lock on the brakes,
but I finally got the wheel to spin free and clear.

Now it is a little loose and it appears to be on the pedal sprocket side, as I look at it and lifting the rear wheel off the ground, pushing the top of the tire with one finger on the pedal sprocket side, what I am seeing is about 1/2"- 3/4" wiggly or movement, not knowing precisely where it is originating, . . what will be the best way to track this down and correct it ?
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