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Default Re: Best Rattle Can Paint I Have Found Yet!

i feel for ya, bluenosegoat. i've repainted my new bike parts a few times, because of crappy paints.

I haven't had any good results at all with Duplicolor Clear. it's supposed to be fuel and oil resistant, but it's not. I painted a tank, and any little bit of fuel that gets on it will discolor it, and if you try to wipe the fuel off when it's wet, it takes the paint off with it, and leaves a gummy messed up spot.

I use Crown Klear Kote I bought from Mcfadden-Dale Industrial Hardware, and it seems to work pretty good.

overall, i don't really like duplicolor paint. i used their Metalcast fake annodizing paint, which is supposed to stick to chrome, and it would just scratch right off. I ended up clear coating the chrome first, painting it, then clear coating it again and it seems to be working.

also, some paints don't seem to work together. i used brown rustolium primer for rusty stuff, then a cheap gloss from ACE, and the paint never hardened. you could scratch it off with your fingernail, and it was gummy, too.

i do have one cool tip, though. Plasti-dip makes a spray paint that works awesome on stuff like fender struts, or drop-outs, and places where your cables rub, etc. it also works great for nuts and bolts, and places on your bike that things clamp to, like your coaster brake arm, or on the frame under the motor mounts.

it's the same stuff that comes in a can for dipping tools in to make rubbery handles.

the black spray matches Krylon black gloss, and when hit with Kleer Kote, there's no noticable difference in color or texture.

it 's great for the underside of fenders, chainguards, and inside your clutch cover to dampen the noise. the more coats you use, the thicker the coating, and it's not that gooey, oily brown like undercoating.

so far, it's holding up good.
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