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Default Re: Best Rattle Can Paint I Have Found Yet!

I just painted my first bike the other day and I'm getting back together now. I see alot of people like the duplicolor paints and thats what i used. I used the laquer paint did all the prep work used the correct primmer and finished off with the top coat (all duplicolor laquer's) and this paint sucks! Just touching the frame with the chain chipped it! The finish is beautiful but after 2 coats primer, 3 color and 3 clear I am very disapointed. Do you think its beacause I used the laquer? Is the enamel any stronger? I put in a lot of work getting this bike prepped and Talked to my GM painter buddy so I know I did it right but the paint job is very weak. I see in this thread that most are using the engine enamel, any one have experience with the duplicolor automotive laquers? Maybe it just needs more time to cure? I was surprised how fast the paint was dry to the touch and the can says you can recoat after just 10 minutes so I did, nice thin coats and like I said it looks wonderful but dont expect it to last to well. Stripping my next build today so I have to find a "good" durable paint.

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