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Default Re: electroplating my own parts

ok part two of nickle plateing take your solution witch is vinager and hyrogen peroxide withy salt and nickle put it in a old glass coffepot put it in the coffeemaker let it warm up this warming helps keep your parts from oxidizing tomuch to plate once its warmed up take your positive and hook it to your nickle metel .. your doner metel and then the negative hook it to the part to be plated make shure your parts are clean no grease oil or dirt rubbin alcohol works great after its degreased to remove the residue once its cleaned let it dry oh by the way the solution is not harmful if it gets on your skin but your hands will smell like burnt metel from the nickle ions in the vinager so you might wanna use rubber gloves andy ways dip your part negative wire and all in your solution on the positive terminal donot submerg the copper or what ever your useing to conduct the nickle with its best to place half above and half below the vinager line so your positive will not go througfh the electrolisis part just the nickle ty any questions just ask sheck your parts about every 20 minutes or so give it time to plate but you wanna keep an eye on it after you feel its plated enough rince the vinager off with good old tap water and your done oh one more thing this does produce hydrogen gas so please do this outside your home not inside and since its hydrogen gas please no smoking .. i do love to hear from you guys so please be safe oh almost forgot never let your parts and the positive plus nickle touch keep them seperated under the solution

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