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Default Re: electroplating my own parts

ok guys this is the howto part 1 ....... take two parts distillle vinager to 1 part hydrogen peroxide=== example 2 cups vinager to one cup of peroxide mix well <-- thats jkust a guidline to go buy you can mix up as much as you need oh to this one cup mixture ad one table spoon of salt stir well .. if you need more then that mix more up but here is what you do after you mix this solution up use a piece of nickle for plating... now rememember are are not ready to plate just yet.... find a old dc power supply i used a old atx power supply from a computer here is the wireing cod if your gonna use it its 12 volts works great the yellow wires are 12 volt the black are ground wires in order to turn it on snip out a black ground wireany black wire and twist it with a green wire ... now take a piece of nickle and hook it to the yellow wire witch is your + and take like a piece of old metel.. remember we are makin the solution to plate not plating just yet i used just a steel nail as my negative not take the nickle thats on the + now immers the nickle under the solution leaving the conntection to the nickle above the vinager line take the other the nail or what ever your gonna use as a negative electrode its fine if it get submerged fully because the negative draw the metel ions throught the vinager anyways turn your powersupply on let it sit for about 4 hours till the vinager turns a color just a little lighter then coffee this is your solution to plate with
strain it with a coffee filter and your done making the solution

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