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OK Norman it sounds like you have some running time under your belt, . . so let me ask you this;

I am about to crank up this Kings, 80cc and they recommend ;

During the break-in period (1st gallon of fuel)

Break in ratio for 80cc is; 20 to 1, Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil per gallon.

My figures show that as apx. 6.4 ozs, so what I want to get your advice on is, . . . .

I just got back from the marina, and have here Evinrude Johnson XD50 synthetic blend, the 100 was in gallons at around 40 something so I took the 50. It's a blue color.

What do you think, is this going to do it ?

I won't open it in case I need to take it back.
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