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30w oil will work but using a 2 stroke oil will work better at least that what the big boys say and I use the stuff for water cooled outboards and my engine doesn't know the difference but I do mix the stuff up in a seperate room so my engines can't see what they are going to get and I've tried a bunch of differant oils. These engines aren't jewelled watches but do need oil and it seems that 30 to1 or 32 to 1 works pretty good. I have used amsoil at 40 to 1 and my engine is still going strong.
My favorite (smells like a model airplane) oil that I've used is a syn oil with castor oil in it and it is for my 4-stroke racing kart. The oil is Cool Power oil heavy with castor and it will mix with alcohol its been sitting on the shelf so I thought what the heck it will work and smell good too by the way I mix that stuff at 32 to 1 in case your wondering.
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