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Cool first ride!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, it finally happened. I made my first ride on my bike. I still don't have my muffler yet and I just used the straight part of the pipe but I did it anyway. It was SO fun. My heart is still pounding. I know that most people say don't run it with just a straight pipe but I talked to someone last night that said if you don't run it for a long time and/or hot rod it that it would be ok. I kept my speed slow and didn't go too far for my first time.

Boy I am just excited! I can't believe how much fun it actually was. This engine really wants to get up and go. I caught myself going 25 several times and had to slow down because I didn't want to go that fast (with the pipe and all). I was so hyped about going out that I forgot my gloves and my helmet. Just completely forgot about them. Plus I was in shorts and deck shoes and a t-shirt. Perfect riding attire.. lol.

Would someone tell me that it's okay to ride my bike just a little until my muffler comes (this Tuesday)? I don't want to harm my engine, but I loved riding the bike. I only ran it for about 10 minutes and that was it. I would love to be able to ride it more but I'm afraid to.... Some one help a brother out and give me some advice.

Oh... and the best thing about my first ride? Nothing fell off or came loose. Yea!

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