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Default Re: spark plug oil leak

I think you all are talking about combustions reside leaking out around the sparkplug mainly past the threads/plug gasket. I have had this problem in the past and the only way to correct it was to go to a different sparkplug for some reason the sealing gasket starts to leak and over tighting it will result in a stripped sparkplug hole. The plugs gasket seems have a hairline crack in it gasket sealing area. I have had this on both champion and china plugs.
What I did is clean off the threads in the head with either brake clean or carb clean while the head is still on the engine no need to take it off. I then get me a new sparkplug gap it and add a booger of neverseize to it and screw it in there is directions on how much torque to apply with a new gasketed plug which is different than on a ued gasketed plug so check with the manafacturer. I run the plug in by my fingers until it touches the gasket area then apply the torque to just crush the gasket something like 1/4 turn more if it a new plug less if it been used. champion has a site to look at for better info on this. I hate a leaking dirty engine as I'm the one who has to work on it and I'm picky that way becides a clean engine looks better. I hope this SB I wrote will help .

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