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Ah finally. I have decided to stop staring at my broken bike in the garage, and finally go about fixing it. I recieved a used mag from a friend. I am about to install it now, to see if she'll fire up. It's been sitting all winter, I was mad at it. I've had nothing but bad luck with three engines from three different places. Every engine I've owned has been nothing but break down after break down. This engine was apparently new. I traded two broken engines for this engine. I didn't realize it was THAT new, figured it had been ridden at least half break in. I was wrong. It was pretty much brand new, ridden once or twice. So, I'm riding one day, runs ok. All of a sudden she died, and wouldn't fire back up. I kept trying while pedalling home, with no luck. I have experienced this before. The mag went on me. It still looks perfectly clean and new in there, and I'm having a hard time believing that it is the mag. However, I did all of the tests. Changed the plug, wire, CDI, disconnect killswitch, check wires, nothing. It was then suggested to me, that I unplug the wire from the spark plug, and jam my pinky into the boot of the wire to touch metal inside.
Lift the bike with pinky in the wire, and pedal it to turn over the engine.... NOT an easy task. Lol. But, apparently if the mag, CDI, and wire are good, you should get a shock to the pinky. Well I successfully got that engine to turn alright. No shock. No nothing. So I switch CDI and wire again, and jam the pinky in. No shock. So, I figure it has to be the CDI, as there just simply is no other option that I can think of. Well, wish me luck, and if you read all of that, thanks for your time!! Lol. I'll keep you all posted as I will try and start it soon. I my record it, but it's winter, and I'm on a Macbook, so we'll see. Lol.
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