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Your theory has merit in that an engine broken in and run for high milage on regular 2 stroke oil might have wider tolerances and therefore the 'thinner' Opti-2 does not allow for the same level of sealing that the heavier oil mix did. As I stated, I did compression tests comparing both oils and saw no difference but as most of us know sticking a compression guage into the plug hole and cranking the engine over by hand is not the same as real world running conditions. Add some heat, dwell time and load and the guage might tell a different story. There's really no effective (cost effective) way to do a comprehensive compression test with an engine running. I strongly suspect that if so we'd see a dramatic difference in the results.
Whatever, I'll maintain that the Opti-2 when used from first start to whenever, is the way to go with these little Chinese motors. My three that have been run that way are the evidence that has convinced me.
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