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Default Re: How do I get rid my my MB

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I had a benrage moment just now.....I was painting my frame and I (a guy who has painted EVERYTHING) went back to do a second coat and it was all checked! I don't know what went wrong, but this morning I sanded it all down and sprayed it again....AND IT CHECKED AGAIN!!!!!

No I have a few hour set back, and I don't know why the paint is so screwed up....It was Krylon, and I'm not buying more of it.
I would think it's too late to help you, but the checking is likely due to contamination OR incompatible paint. Don't know what to do besides primer it before the paint fo rincompatibility, but you may want to sand, then wipe everything down with laquer thinner, or alcohol to make sure there isn't any contamination.
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