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i broke that motor in on valvoline oil, too. maybe that's the connection? sounds weird, but possible. maybe the two oils just don't get along.

as far as silver bear's compatibility with amsoil, that makes sense, because they seem to be pretty similar, high quality oils.

i also want to say i mighta been pretty harsh comparing the CDI with innertubes, and i didn't (really) mean it as a dig towards exavid, it's just that a lot of mis-information gets spread around here, and i've never been the type to just switch out parts like a car dealer till i find something that works (usually temporarily,) at the cost of replacing perfectly good parts.

i dunno how many threads i've read where someone's "solution" has nothing to do with the problem. or instead of following basic procedures, people buy new carbs, magnetos, etc, without finding the root of the problem.

in my case, it's obviously a fuel problem, so i went step by step through the fuel system. the bike starts with almost no effort at all, so i knew it wasn't ignition.

wasn't trying to be a jerk, just trying to keep it on track.
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