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Silver B.,
My oldest engine, the high milage one that doesn't like Opti, was broken in on Valvoline 2 stroke oil and accrued most of its milage on it. I later switched to Stihl 2 stroke oil but it was not broken in on a synthetic. I too swear by Opti and wouldn't use anything else, except in that one engine. I've heard the rings-don't-seat theory too and I could agree but why then does the engine regain its power when I switch back to regular 2 stroke oil? Too slick? Too thin? Your guess is as good as mine on that.
As for the ignition theory, I agree with Bairdco again. Oil would have nothing to do with it and I did try different plugs, even switched carburetors but it had no effect. That engine just does not like Opti-2 so I don't force to use it. There has to be some connection with rings/compression but for the life of me I can't see it. Oh, and yes I've done a compression test on that engine with Opti-2 and my regular difference.
I'm going to try the Opti-4 in my Titan. I don't expect any significant difference but if it works as well in a 4 stroke as it does my other 2 strokes I'll be happy.
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