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One more little wrinkle in this to think about. When I switched over to Opti-2 last summer I used it exclusively on a couple of new engines and also on one which had a thousand or so miles on it. No problems at all and I'm sold on the stuff. On that old engine I had used a synthetic exclusively from day one, Amsoil Sabre Professional which is rated at 100-1 and which I used at 50-1 and later 75-1. Others have stated that using a synthetic from the start doesn't allow the rings to seat properly, so maybe what is going on with you guys has to do with that somehow. Anyway, Barely, if you use Opti 2 on your new motor and run out I suspect that a synthetic substitute wouldn't hurt anything. I bought mine on line and had it shipped back in the boonies of northern Minnesota where even Amsoil was kind of hard to find, let alone Opti-2. "Huh, whazzat? Never heard ovit, Bud". It would be nice if all Ace outlets carried it. I run the Opti 2 at the recommended 100-1. I did run out of the opti-2 in the fall and while waiting for the replacement order to come used Amsoil with no negative effect.
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