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Interesting...very, very interesting. I didn't post anymore here regarding that old engine and Opti-2 but after my initial experiments I kept two fuel cans around. One with a 32:1 mix of regular 2 cycle oil and one at 100:1 Opti. I used the Opti in my other two bikes which seem to thrive on it and the 2 stroke mix for the old bike; the one with 1500 plus miles on it. Just out of curiosity I've switched and tried the Opti in the high milage motor, not once but three times. Each time it ran like a sick old dog. I had to pedal assist on the hills around my neighborhood...until I went back to the Stihl 2 stroke mix and the power was restored. I've considered every theory suggested here and none have really explained this phenomena. I'll just keep my mixes seperate and enjoy it and stop trying to figure out why. I built a bike for my nephew this past December using a new dax 80 and broke it in and continue to run it on Opti-2. It runs like a champ. I agree with Bairdco; I'd be hesitant to suggest switching an older, high milage motor to Opti. For whatever reason, some of them don't seem to like it.
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