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Default Re: Hello from Maryland!

Thanks for the great info guys!

I tried the temlpate, it seemed to fit fine but maybe I was doing something wrong.You guys can tell me, here is a link to my bike, just delete all of the spaces:

http:// www2 . giant-bicycles . com/en-us/bikes/mountain/2281/32125/geometry/?collections_id=4

Sorry I didn't mean electric start, I just meant the ability to start it while riding, which is the "pedal 3-5 mph while riding and release clutch" thing.

What size was the frame on your Boulder steveolandis?

I would definitely get the "large frame adaptor" thanks.

What your guys' stance on these cheap ebay nos kits? Here is one (again delete all of the spaces):

http:// cgi. ebay. com/ebaymotors/Dirt-Bike-Pocket-Rocket-Nitrous-Kit-w-5-NOS-Refills_W0QQitemZ320404599863QQcmdZViewItemQQptZRa ce_Car_Parts?hash=item4a999a3437

Also is there a forum concensus on the best/ most popular speedometer?

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