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Default Re: Hello from Maryland!

Welcome. I actually have a Giant Boulder(a bit older than 2009) in my basement I was going to use for this kit(after trying a few other bikes). The engine needs about 1" more of clearance- soo close. I think you MIGHT be able to get this engine to fit, but to change the spark plug you'd have to take the engine out. You could find a used bike the kit would fit, get a kit, and try your Giant. If it doesn't fit, use the other bike.Older style bikes with small diameter frames and lots of space work well, as well as cruisers- cruiser bikes are almost built for engines. You can probably find a free-$40 old bike- make sure it's sturdy. I've never heard of an electric start bike, but after the first few starts, you can just pedal a little, 3-5 mph, and release the clutch. There are pull-start kits for as low as $20(
Check out the ads along the side of the page- they sell kits. If you're willing to wait for spring, piratecycles will offer an amazing super-high performance kit- check it out- they have info on it now. Bikeberry has a large selection of engines. Grubee engines are known as the Rolls-Royce of engines- chrome, good quality. Kits are usually 20-25 lbs.
If you get some performance parts, like an expansion pipe($65- lots of power) and/or a shift kit($150-210-250- adds gears) you can have some good speed and power.

P.S. If the bike has a large down-tube, consider getting a large frame adapter from you won't have to drill a hole in the frame.
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