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Default Re: ideas for the rear wheel

Originally Posted by tommyboy1442 View Post
camlifter, im running a flip flop hub on my project. i started by taking a shaft coller that fit the hub, then a sprocket,and i put the sprocket behind the shaft coller and drilled through the coller and into the sprocket. then i tapped the holes and bolted them together. after that i drilled a small indentation in the hub and then put a set screw through the coller and into the hub, to keep it from spinning. i had a problem though. i drilled the sprocket and collar off the hub and it wasnt 100 percent true, therfore the chain would get tight and idea, im just gonna lathe the hole on sprocket perfect to fit the hub, then weld it on. i dont plan on changin the gear,and its a kustom sprocket. if i ever have to take it off, i could just dremel the welds. the hub cost $15 with sealed bearings, and the sprocket is $50.i'll post pics when its done, sometime this also workin on kustom pivoting motor mounts. i'll post pics when done, very shortly, working on it now...
yes, show pics please.
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