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Default Re: no more cops sneaking up on me...

Originally Posted by Scotchmo View Post
Try resting the tank on a wet towel. Or drape a wet towel over the areas that are already brazed. I have not tried that but it might work.
I was thinking along the same lines and am considering using frozen wet paper towels or a rag to place directly against the part already soldered/welded. Paramount is cleaning the area to be joined with a stainless steel brush and not regular steel wool or a steel brush which contaminates the aluminum somehow. Within a day or two I'll be making up a rear drop stand for my Elgin out of aluminum channel. Or at least trying to... The little experience I have with these rods (used about half of one so far), it seems like the propane torch I have works fine (Bernzomatic with a pencil tip).
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