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Default Re: My motor

Progress so far:

Muffler is no longer being hit by the peddle, no bending was required, so yay me.

as for the broken bolt, I thought about using neddle nose pliers (before reading the other guys post, I swear to God) sadly there was not enough give on the outside of the motor) So, I'm just going to take it into the garage down the road and see if they can get it out, it should be an easy enough Job for then and should not cost us to much, Thank you all for your advice on this one, however we just don't have the tools to do it and I think paying someone to get it out would be cheaper then buying the tools to do it ourselves, besides maybe I'll be able to flirt then into doing it for free...can anyone say low cut shirt? haha I'm kidding.

Anyways thanks again for all your input, I'll keep you posted.

-Mopedamater79's gf
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