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Originally Posted by misteright1_99 View Post
My muffler also hit, so what I did was take the muffler off, screw it to the workbench, and heat the bend up with a propane torch, got it red hot and bent it out slighty. As far as welding the motor to the frame, I would not suggest that, cant you get the broken stud out of the motor? If it is flush and you cant get hold of it I maybe you could cut a slot in it, heat it up a little, and unscrew it with a screwdriver...

You need to tell your bf sometimes you just have to walk away for a while, we all get to the point he is Im sure. Just take a break, relax and come back to it later with a fresh outlook.

Good luck and keep us informed as to the progress....
I must be better at this then I thought, I fixed the muffler problem, here is what I did in case it happens to anyone in the future, and while this might sound silly and like it doesnt make a difference, it really really did.

1st, for the love of God, remove the gas tank, pardon the redundancy but some people might be dumb enough to take my advice before doing so, so I thought I'd mention it.

2nd flip the bike upside down and take the muffler right off.

3rd put the muffler back on, start with the bolt that is furthest away from the peddle that is hitting the muffler put it on so it is almost tight enough, but not quite, then go to the other side and tighten the bolt all the way, then return to the other bolt and tighten it the rest of the way. The whole time you are doing this place pressure on the muffler, pushing away from the peddle that is giving you trouble. I found it helpful to have the peddle positioned so that it was lined up with the muffler, that way I could keep an eye on how close the peddle actually was from the muffler so that I wouldn't turn the peddle only to find that my attempt was in vain.

(this only deepens my belief that working on bikes upside down, is the better way of doing things lol)

That worked for me, the peddle now makes a complete turn without hitting the muffler, it is a tight fit, I'm not sure if that is how it is meant to be or if I just got lucky.... but it fits and seems to be good enough I guess I'll know when Mopedamater79 wakes up.

And as far as the advice of walking away when he has had enough, I have said what you said to him word for word and he doesn't listen however he has said that he thinks he will start taking that advice, so here's to hoping I guess. Lol in any case I enjoy this kinda thing and seem to be good at it, so atleast he has someone helping him right? hehe

-Mopedamater79's gf

Ps: as much as I would have had fun heating the little son of a gun up and bending it, we're not blessed enough to have the tools to do it, so I was kinda bum outta luck there, oh well...

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