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Default Re: checking in from Western Ma.

that would have solved my problem

on to build day two
we got the bike running today I took about 3/4 of a mile on it to shake out any bugs, then my buddy who has been giving me a hand on the project took it out I have a video of him going passed the house on it.... about 5 seconds after I stopped taping I watched the rear end of the bike trying to get out from underneath rick (my friend) and then I heard a sliding noise, and then a POP and then the bike stopped moving., sensing that some thing MIGHT have failed I decided to go take a walk and look at the damage.

the chain tensioner slide and drove the chain off the rear sprocket twords the rim the chain got cought between the sprocket and the spokes locking the back tire destroying the rim/tire/tube.... oh well nobody got hurt so its off to the bike shop to see about a good used rim assembly when we stumbled across another free bike this one looks very road worthy so we chainged all the components over and will be testing tomorrow

I will have pics and videos on youtube shortly
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