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Default Help for a newbie

I built a motor bike for my son for Christmas – an OCC Chopper and it was a “fun” project. At times, a frustrating fun, but fun none the less. He loves it and rides around the subdivision. Now, I am thinking of building one for me.
But, and there is always a but… I have some questions around what to buy. With what my sons bike ended up costing me, my wife will shoot me if I spend too much money. Especially considering I have not remodeled her bathroom yet 
Also, I am a big guy. Lets call me 275 lbs and about 6’4” I was trying to sell the bike idea to my wife as a means of getting in shape, but the whole motor thing is kind blowing it for me 
Anyway, 2 main questions…
1) I am looking at the 26” Mens Schwinn Point Beach Cruise Bike (www(dot)walmart(dot)com/ip/Schwinn-Point-Beach-Cruiser-Bike/5585804) From Walmart. Its aluminum frame is light and Shimano rear. Any concerns?
2) I am wanting a manic mechanic sprocket adapter. And, I am thinking upper 40’s or even low 50’s on the sprocket due to my weight and size. I did get on my sons OCC – a funny sight, I am sure – and rode around the block a few times and it did ok with a 41T sprocket. I am OK sacrificing speed. I don’t need to do 35 to 45. 25 would be OK I would think. But, I want to know what the experts think… Suggestions?

Great community and great service!! In all my searching before and while building my sons bike, this is the best site I have found!! Thanks!

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