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Default Re: Hello from Pennsylvania

Yay! we just got another entire 1/2" of snow! I'm still working out some bugs in my bike- I accidentally got a paper towel in my exhaust pipe. Here's the story- The pipe was getting rusty, so i scrubbed it and painted it. Whilst it was drying, i put a paper towel in the exhaust port(not into the engine) to keep dirt from getting in. Then, i drove the engine to see how strong it was w/o the pipe. I never thought about the paper. Then, i stuck the pipe back on, and after a little bit, it was really weak. Without the pipe, it's really strong, with it, it's weak. I think the paper must be in the pipe. So, I'm going to cut it in half and pull out the insides- some people do that for more power. Also, my digital speedometer don't work none- i tink it's the cold weather.
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